Classification and characteristics of microtiller knife set

Release time: 2022-10-13

  Microtiller product development began in the 1970s and began to develop after the 1990s. Microtiller cutter set is based on the innovation of rotary tiller cutter set, which can be used in both water and dry fields and hilly mountainous areas, and has been widely used because of its adaptability. It solves the problem of cultivation in hilly mountainous areas and has become the main force of field cultivation in hilly mountainous areas. With the continuous development of the microtiller market, microtiller parts have become specialized production trend. The choice of microtiller knife set has become a very difficult problem, because there is no national standard to base on, there are various styles and specifications of the knife set on the market, and the name is also very inconsistent. The following Jiangsu FJ knife industry for you to briefly sort out the classification and characteristics of the microtiller knife set, hope to help you.

  Deep tillage knife set:

  Deep tillage knife knife set is also called deep tillage hoe, its blade is chisel-shaped knife, the blade is mounted on the shank, the shank and the knife set sleeve welding. It is mainly used for deep loosening and clearing of dry land with less weeds.

  Dryland tillage knife set

  The dryland tillage knife set is based on the number of tillage knives installed in each group and the number of groups of knives, there are three pieces of four groups of dryland tillage knife set, four pieces of four groups of dryland tillage knife set and other specifications. Its blade is right-angle knife. Four pieces of four groups of dryland tillage knife set and three pieces of four groups of tillage knife set compared to the larger load. It is mainly used for dry land, dry land, sandy land, wasteland, greenhouse operation, etc., where the soil is soft and loose.

  Wetland curved knife set.

  Wetland tillage knife set includes compound curved knife set, the blade is curved knife, on the basis of wetland curved knife with weeding blade and according to the number of curved knife of each group of knife plate to form different specifications of compound curved knife. Wetland curved knife set is mainly used in wetland rototilling with less weeds or rice pile fields with hard mud feet. The compound curved knife set is used in wetland rototill with hard mud foot and soft soil or shallow water field with weeds and blister field. In addition, the wetland curved knife set can also be used for dryland cultivation with soft soil. However, it is recommended to choose the suitable knife set according to different soils, so as to obtain good tillage quality and reduce the damage of the knife.

  According to the power of the supporting unit, plowing width and plowing depth to choose the knife set in general, the larger the rotating diameter of the knife set, the deeper the plowing depth, the greater the power consumption, the wider the knife set plowing, the greater the power consumption. In addition, should also consider the transmission body gear can withstand the torque and other factors. Since there is no practical theory for the force analysis of the cutter set, therefore, for the supporting unit manufacturer to choose the cutter set according to the design experience or experimental research.