Give strength to the agricultural equipment manufacturing industry "loan" to move agricultural modernization

Release time: 2022-10-13

  Based on the actual situation in the area, Weifang Agricultural and Commercial Bank Fangzi Sub-branch innovates the service mode of "three rural areas" and supports the agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprises under its jurisdiction to carry out technical innovation, environmental protection transformation and new product research and development, which has led to the integrated development of trade, industry and agriculture. By the end of February, the bank's loan balance of 1.59 billion yuan, including agricultural equipment manufacturing leading enterprises and their upstream and downstream small and micro enterprises, individual entrepreneurs loan balance of 140 million yuan, accounting for 8.8%, an increase of 2.2 percentage points.

  Carry out bank-enterprise matchmaking activities to solve the problem of inadequate communication and information asymmetry between banks and enterprises. Agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprises under the jurisdiction of the majority of small and micro enterprises, the annual output value from a few million yuan to tens of millions of yuan, but due to the small scale, thin profits, few assets, less business transactions with financial institutions, it is difficult to obtain bank loan support. In order to solve this problem, Fangzi Branch has strengthened its service awareness and actively built a bridge between banks and enterprises. In January this year, 16 agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprises in the area were invited to hold a "health and wellness lecture and financing promotion meeting", and reached business cooperation intentions with 12 enterprises on the spot, among which 6 enterprises applied for financing. At present, five loans have been issued, amounting to 35.5 million yuan.

  Flexible use of the "1+N" guarantee combination model to solve the problem of a single mode of guarantee and insufficient collateral. Agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprises under the jurisdiction of the majority of small and medium-sized private enterprises, land, property are mostly unlicensed or leased, machinery and equipment, such as the use of a long period of time, fixed assets generally have a low actual value, mortgage realization difficulties, the contradiction between the standard management of loans and the lack of collateral collateral capacity is more prominent. Under the guidance of the bank's credit policy, the bank does not stick to a single guarantee mode, but flexibly uses the "1+N" guarantee combination mode to promote "tax financing", "credit guarantee" and "warehouse receipt guarantee" for enterprises that meet the loan conditions and have good reputation and prospects. The company has implemented "tax financing", "credit guarantee", warehouse receipt pledge, equipment mortgage, bill pledge, patent right pledge and other financing products tailored to the needs of enterprises. Ltd. is an enterprise in Fangzi District, and the Fangzi Sub-branch has made full use of the guarantee combination model to provide it with a new comprehensive credit of RMB 38 million, including RMB 17.5 million in plant mortgage, RMB 11.5 million in land mortgage, RMB 4 million in general equipment mortgage and RMB 5 million in "tax financing" credit loan, effectively meeting the financing needs of the enterprise's large-scale operation. This effectively met the financing needs of the large-scale operation of the enterprise.

  Sunshine Credit" project was carried out to solve the problem of single service products and backward service means. The bank changed its marketing mode, gave full play to its geographical advantages of being familiar with people, places and situations, and made use of mobile terminal equipment to go deeper into workshops and markets, handling bank cards, online banking and mobile banking for 400 employees of three enterprises and institutions in the first quarter alone. At the same time, we actively promote the "Sunshine Credit" project, streamline business processes, improve the efficiency of approval and provide financial services to customers while actively marketing services.