Global agricultural equipment giants gathered at the China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

Release time: 2022-10-13

  The annual China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition ("China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition") ended in Wuhan, Hubei Province on October 31. The continuous heavy rain during the exhibition did not stop the audience's enthusiasm for the exhibition. According to preliminary statistics, the exhibition attracted a total of 120,000 visitors, with an exhibition area of more than 200,000 square meters and more than 1,600 exhibitors.

  "Whether from the historical experience of foreign agricultural machinery industry development, or from China's agricultural development trend, new urbanization construction and other development needs, the future development of China's agricultural machinery industry has huge space." Mao Hong, president of the organizer China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association, said that China's agricultural machinery industry has a golden development period of ten years ahead.

  Benefiting from the support of national policies and laws, China has become the world's largest agricultural machinery manufacturing country. As the largest agricultural machinery exhibition in China and even in Asia, China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition has become a window and platform to observe the Chinese agricultural machinery market, and with its annual agenda setting, it records the present and future of the Chinese agricultural machinery industry.

  A wide range of new products

  As an important place for information dissemination, many companies started to pay attention to releasing new products or brands during the exhibition. The reporter saw at the booth of Shandong Wuzheng Group, which presented a strong lineup of its upgraded models of automobiles, agricultural equipment, agricultural vehicles, electric vehicles and several innovative products to showcase the technology and quality of its products. Among them, the red steel "legion" led by Leinuo Man 2304, Aolee tractor is particularly eye-catching.

  According to the person in charge of the group, Raynorman has been among China's large horsepower tractor market in bulk, is because of the birth of Raynorman, forcing imports of similar models to reduce prices by 30%; TS1204 tractor is the five mountain tractor home products, in the 100 to 120 horsepower section has become the main domestic products, sales doubled year by year.

  Foton Revol Heavy Industry is focused on the introduction of agricultural production mechanization and other series of product combinations and overall solutions. The exhibition area is notable when the domestic independent brand feeding capacity of 12 kilograms of Reeva Gushen combine harvester, tractor and low-temperature cycle grain dryer. The Reeva demonstration farm sand table on site concentrated the whole operation of "cultivation, seeding, management, harvesting, storage and transportation" into the miniature landscape of the demonstration farm.

  In this year's agricultural machinery industry, most of the products market decline, Reeva agricultural equipment from technological innovation and lean manufacturing and other aspects to improve the ability to practice internal strength, to achieve competitive growth. "From January to September this year, Reeva's agricultural equipment business achieved sales revenue of 10.13 billion yuan." Wang Yurong, vice president of the company and general manager of the agricultural equipment business headquarters, expects that Reeva's agricultural equipment can achieve 6.1% year-on-year growth for the whole year this year.

  In the agricultural machinery power exhibition area, Changchai Co., Ltd. exhibited electronically controlled single-cylinder diesel engines attracted the attention of reporters. The company's general manager He Jianguang in an interview with China Industry News reporter, Changchai electric single-cylinder diesel engine has low emissions, good fuel economy, good starting performance and other characteristics, its emission indicators fully meet the national Ⅲ emission requirements, can be used as agricultural transport vehicles, tractors and other host of supporting power.

  Shandong Shifeng Group exhibited with a strong lineup, a collection of marketing, R & D, supply and distribution staff of nearly 1,000 people. The exhibition is powerful, with an exhibition area of 2,697 square meters and a high level of booth design. The exhibits were rich, agricultural vehicles, tractors, corn harvesters, electric vehicles, low-speed trucks, light trucks, engines and many other new products were presented. During the exhibition, Shi Feng Group also held a new product release activities, dealer networking activities, WeChat scanning activities, etc..

  Draws the attention of the reporter is the "Dongfang red" power shift series tractor collective appearance. Zhu Weijiang, deputy general manager of YTO, told reporters that the Dongfang Red series tractor technology and the world's mainstream technology synchronization, the bulk production of the product and more coverage of horsepower, is a tractor as a domestic influence of the "tractor experts" in the product breakthrough.

  Zoomlion Heavy Machinery, which chose to launch its new brand during the exhibition, presented a number of new products such as wheat harvester, sugarcane harvester and ride-on high-speed rice transplanter. Wang Jinfu, general manager of Zoomlion Heavy Machinery, told reporters that the company has established a strong global innovation and R&D platform and is advancing towards global agricultural equipment. "The creation and growth of a brand and getting stronger and bigger can only rely on visionary strategic thinking, on a scientific management system, on a creative team, and on competitive products and services."

  The degree of internationalization exceeds that of previous years

  According to the organizer, the degree of internationalization of this year's exhibition greatly exceeds that of the previous ones. Not only dozens of exhibitors from a dozen countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and India, but also ambassadors and agricultural officials from many countries in China attended. At the same time, the Asia-Pacific Regional Agricultural Machinery Association Roundtable and the Chinese and foreign agricultural machinery trade fair were also held at the same time as the exhibition.

  The reporter found that foreign brands, including AGCO, Case New Holland, Clorox, Kubota, etc., generally attached importance to booth design and conveyed their corporate philosophy and vision goals through their booths. At the booth of Aiko, the open farm design style attracted a large number of visitors to stop by. In addition to more than 20 main products of its four brands, including Massey Ferguson, Vimeo, Dafeng King and Gurui, the group also brought agricultural solutions to the exhibiting lineup.

  In an interview with China Industry News, Yang Qing, global vice president and executive general manager of Aiko Group in China, said, "China's agricultural machinery market is promising, and users' demand for agricultural machinery products with high technology level is increasing, we will pay close attention to users' needs and bring high-tech products suitable for China to them."

  Case New Holland was another giant among this year's exhibitors. The company's new axial-flow drum 4000 series combine, launched during the show, is specifically designed to meet the needs of Chinese customers. "We have conducted extensive and different crop harvesting experiments on the 4000 series combine, and the performance of the equipment and harvesting results have been well received by users." Caisse New Holland Group China President Cecchini Bai told reporters. The series of axial-flow drum combines are produced at the company's manufacturing base in Harbin, Heilongjiang.

  Clorox Harvest's booth was also impressive. In addition to having a variety of products at the show, including corn harvesters, the company had a unique booth design with a character model next to each farm machine, covering all levels of the company, from the chairman to ordinary workers. "The development of the company is inseparable from every employee. Such a design not only reflects the corporate philosophy of respecting employees, but also takes a very good publicity effect." The person in charge of Clorox collection company said in an interview with reporters.

  Agricultural machinery became a new force

  The appearance of many agricultural implements became another major attraction of the exhibition.

  China YTO showed a series of agricultural machinery developed by the company. Including high-speed stubble notch disc harrow, potato harvester, deep pine stubble joint land preparation machine, hydraulic tilting plow, etc.

  Through international cooperation is undoubtedly an important path for Chinese agricultural machinery to become stronger and longer. As a latecomer in the agricultural machinery industry, CAG Agricultural Machinery Holdings Co., Ltd. is well versed in this path, the company during the exhibition and Sumitomo Corporation (China) Limited and South Korea Jin Gang company on multi-functional seeding machine for on-site promotion and the three parties jointly signed a letter of intent activities. Industry insiders analyze that CAG hopes to speed up the occupation of the agricultural tools market through cooperation with foreign brands.

  As a multi-functional seeder industry in Korea, the multi-functional seeder produced by KIMGANG can complete multiple processes such as leveling, fertilizing, sowing and mulching in one operation, and the product also has the functions of seeding and fertilizing, side deep fertilizing and automatic pesticide spraying.

  The product also has the functions of seed and fertilizer application, side-depth fertilizer application and automatic pesticide spraying. It is reported that Reeva agricultural equipment has been involved in the agricultural equipment business since 2011, and the main products include hydraulic tilting plow, square baler and rotary tiller.

  The reporter learned that, according to the strategic plan of Foton Reeva Heavy Industries, Reeva agricultural equipment is located in the global mid-range market as a whole, with products involving tillage machinery, planting and fertilizing machinery, field management machinery, hay/silage harvesting machinery and special crop harvesting machinery in five fields, creating a full set of mechanized farming operation solutions from agricultural machinery to agricultural equipment.