Agricultural machinery and equipment field

Release time: 2022-10-13

 As an industry closely related to agriculture in the equipment manufacturing industry, the state has provided a strong policy system for the agricultural machinery industry, and the implementation of stable financial and tax support, all of which makes the comprehensive strength of China's agricultural machinery industry to rapidly improve the gross domestic product of the agricultural machinery industry, sales revenue, total profits, import and export trade increased by more than 20% for many years in a row, the current economic output has been in the forefront of the world.

  China's agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry to the national implementation of the "Made in China 2025", "Belt and Road" strategy as an opportunity to cultivate core competitiveness, through innovation to achieve breakthroughs, through the optimization of industrial structure to achieve strategic adjustment to the new economic normal. Inject new energy into the industry to achieve the leap from a large manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country.

  First, the development trend of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry

  Agricultural machinery and equipment as an important means to improve the efficiency of agricultural production, through the mechanization stage from the replacement of human and animal power, to the application of automation based on electronic control technology, and towards the development of information technology as the core of intelligent and advanced manufacturing direction.

  Second, the development of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry goals and development path

  Through the construction of scientific and technological innovation platform to enhance independent research and development capabilities; through industrial restructuring, and strive to achieve a reasonable industrial structure; through the implementation of green manufacturing and energy conservation and emission reduction, the extensive use of modern manufacturing technology to promote industrial upgrading; through a breakthrough in product technology, improve the product structure.

  By 2020, to build the formation of core functional components and machine testing and development and collaborative supporting capabilities, domestic agricultural products market share of 90%; more than 200 horsepower large tractors and cotton pickers and other products market share of 30%. By 2025, a full range of machinery for the production of bulk food and strategic economic crops, the market share of domestic agricultural machinery products is stable and higher than 95%; more than 200 horsepower large tractors and cotton pickers and other products market share of 60%.

  Third, the development of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing tasks

  Through the implementation of innovation-driven, promote intelligent transformation and strengthen the industrial base. Research and development to master technology-intensive agricultural machinery products and their manufacturing technology. Promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, etc. and modern agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, to promote the full range of solutions based on agricultural production operations, services, information and other multi-faceted support, the creation of a new generation of agricultural equipment with information access, intelligent decision-making and operational capabilities. Strengthen the industry technical standards system, industry information technology data service system, industry testing and inspection capabilities, product digital design platform construction.

  Fourth, innovation as the base point to enhance the competitiveness of the industry at home and abroad

  Through original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of digestion and absorption of innovation, to the iconic intelligent, energy-saving and environmentally friendly major equipment and key core components of technological breakthroughs as, to narrow the gap with the international advanced level, in place of imports, while the leading backbone enterprises as a carrier, build based on the future international development of business management and operation platform, and actively "go out ", cut into the global agricultural equipment market, take the road of international development, by improving the technical level and quality of products, build a global marketing service network system, promote the export of high value-added products, and gradually form a brand advantage, enhance the level of the industry.

  Fifth, innovative development model, to provide support for national food security

  By targeting the technical problems of high safety, high reliability and high adaptability of agricultural equipment, promoting the deep integration of digitalization and intelligent technology with agricultural equipment, aiming at the automation, intelligence and specialization of agricultural production, and developing advanced and applicable, low-emission, low-pollution and high-energy-efficiency environmentally friendly agricultural machinery products as a carrier, improving the information collection, intelligent decision-making and operational capabilities of agricultural machinery products, enhancing Modern agricultural production level, and at the same time is committed to promote the full range of solutions based on agricultural production operations, services, information and other multi-faceted support, to promote the upgrading of the agricultural equipment industry, and to move towards a strong agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing country.