Agricultural Equipment Intelligent Engineering Technology Research Center was established in Tai'an

Release time: 2022-10-13

  Popular network Tai'an February 17 hearing agricultural equipment intelligent engineering technology research center in Tai'an City, Shandong Agricultural University was established.

  In recent years, to adapt to the needs of agricultural scale and facilities, it is urgent to strengthen the research of intelligent and automated agricultural machinery technology and equipment with information technology as the forerunner. Agricultural Equipment Intelligent Engineering Technology Research Center is another multidisciplinary integration platform of the university after the establishment of the Agricultural Data Center.

  The main task of Agricultural Equipment Intelligent Engineering Technology Research Center is to aim at the development trend of the world's agricultural intelligent equipment and the needs of China's modern agricultural development, to improve the mechanization, automation, intelligence of agricultural equipment and the standardization and informationization of agricultural production, around sensor technology, agricultural information monitoring, intelligent agricultural equipment, etc. Research on information acquisition, agricultural big data collaboration, intelligent agricultural equipment, agricultural robots and other technologies needed for intelligent agricultural production, the development of high technology, low cost, convenient and practical agricultural intelligent systems and equipment adapted to China's agricultural production, the level of implementation of intelligent agriculture. Research directions are mainly agricultural sensor research and development, agricultural information detection and processing technology, intelligent agricultural equipment research and development, intelligent agricultural system integration innovation and other four major directions.

  For the healthy development of the center, Shandong Agricultural University recently invested 1.5 million yuan to form the Bohai granary (saline wasteland) intelligent facility agricultural production and operation equipment integration system project, relying on the Bohai granary science and technology demonstration project and agricultural big data platform. Medium-term Shandong Agricultural University invested 1 million yuan, according to the agricultural machinery development needs of Shandong Province, combined with Shandong Agricultural University's R & D advantages in agricultural equipment, the selection of a series of agricultural machinery R & D innovation start-up projects to improve the competitiveness of agricultural mechanization equipment R & D innovation action projects.