Jiangsu to promote the development of modern agricultural equipment integration of construction machinery

Release time: 2022-10-13

  Recently the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "Guidance on Further Promoting the Development of Industrial Clusters", which is this year, following the "Made in China 2025" development strategy introduced to stimulate small and medium-sized industrial clusters, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, allocation of production factors, reduce the cost of entrepreneurship and innovation. Echo the "Made in China 2025", the implementation of industrial clusters guidance, as China's major equipment manufacturing provinces, Jiangsu heard the wind and move, a major launch of construction machinery and modern agricultural equipment integrated development of major initiatives.

  Equipment manufacturing province industrial clustering development

  July 29-30, sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Machinery Industry Association hosted the "third Jiangsu Province, construction machinery and modern agricultural equipment industry, small and medium-sized collaboration and matching meeting" (hereinafter referred to as "industry matching meeting") in Zhenjiang City, grand Held. This industry matchmaking meeting, gathered more than 10 universities and research institutes, more than 40 construction machinery and agricultural machinery equipment host manufacturing enterprises, attracted more than 300 small and medium-sized agricultural machinery and construction machinery supporting enterprises from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Fujian, Henan and other 7 provinces and cities to participate in the initiative, spontaneous integration, independent docking. To promote China's construction machinery and modern agriculture ready for transformation and development, to promote Jiangsu equipment province industrial clustering, innovation and entrepreneurship, transformation and development will have a positive and far-reaching impact.

  Lu Yuangang, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission, pointed out in the opening report that in 2013 and 2014, Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission held two sessions of construction machinery and modern agricultural equipment SME collaboration and supporting matchmaking in Changzhou and Zhenjiang respectively, which optimized the supply network of Jiangsu and even domestic parts manufacturing industry, promoted industrial structure adjustment, and improved the coordinated development of construction machinery and agricultural machinery industry chain, especially for the majority of Small and medium-sized enterprises of product development, market expansion, entrepreneurship and innovation has played a major role in promoting.

  Echoing "Made in China 2025", this year's industrial matchmaking conference is beyond the ordinary in terms of scale, form, industrialization grade and modernization. Experts and scholars from Southeast University, Nanjing Agricultural University and Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group conducted academic exchanges on the development of agricultural machinery industry at home and abroad, the application of common core technologies of construction machinery and agricultural machinery, and the opportunity to seize the "One Road, One Belt" strategy and strive to develop new areas of agricultural machinery market. More than 10 institutions such as Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization of the Ministry of Agriculture, Huaihai University of Technology, Jiangsu University and other research institutions brought more than 100 new products, new technologies and patented products for SMEs to choose and apply.